Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#200 Stuffed Zucchini Towers and Fresh Gazpacho

Can you believe all this came from our front yard?!?!
 To the left is our latest harvest from our garden! I've decided that Sean is like the best farmer ever! Just look at that! We were so excited but also a little freaked out because we had so much food! We made two amazing dishes. First, Sean made a fresh gazpacho. Mmmm! I've shared his gazpacho recipe with you before so I'm not going to redo it. But I have to share a picture from this last batch! 

The next thing I made was stuffed zucchini. I actually was inspired to do this from a pin on Pinterest. I love finding things that one of my non-vegan friends pinned and then veganizing it!  I found the original source on a blog. Here is her non-vegan recipe. I used hers as the foundation for mine. First I hollowed out a couple zucchinis. For fun, I made them all different heights. 

Next, I browed an onion and a couple garlic cloves in olive oil. I added some soy crumbles. When it was nice and browned, I added my favorite red sauce. 

I filled the zucchini cups and baked them in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes. Then I topped it with a little daiya mozzarella and baked it for 10 minutes more. 

I served them with a side of gazpacho. Yumm! It doesn't look like a lot of food but I promise it was!! YUMMM! YUMM!!!

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  1. So excited about these towers! You know how much squash I've got growing. Always good to have ideas about what to do with them all!