Monday, July 23, 2012

#205 Disneyland Dining

This weekend, the kids and I went on a mini vacation to Disneyland. I had such an easy time finding food! Not only do they have a ton of vegan dining options, but they let you bring food in!! I brought 3 huge hoagie sandwiches, a bag of chips, water bottles, a box of cookies, and a ton of fruit. I couldn't believe they were cool with it! The only bummer is having to carry it around with you. They do have lockers you can use, located next to a picnic area even. Next time I'm going to have the kids bring a backpack and we can all carry our own loot. We probably saved $60 by bringing all that stuff in with us.

Venti Soy Misto!

Did you know Disneyland now has 2 Starbucks stores? Not just coffee shops that brew Starbucks' coffee, but full-on Starbucks! Better than the ones in grocery stores or Target. Probably pretty even with the Barnes and Noble versions. It was fantastic to be able to get my usual drink and at the regular price too! I'd pay a bit more for my already too costly coffee at Disneyland. Look how cute the cup is!
This Mediterranean Plate can be found in California Adventure
 For lunch, I got a great Mediterranean plate. After checking with the cashier's list of ingredients (super handy!) we figured out that all I had to do was sub steamed rice for the rice pilaf. Awesome! Along with the rice, I had a tofu and veggie kabob with chimichurri sauce, a grilled pita, and cucumber salad. $10! Next time I'm getting a blue moon beer to go with it. I was still working on my beloved iced mocha this time around. 


For dinner we ate at Tortilla Joe's in Downtown Disney. I love this place! Amazing chips and salsa and great vegan options! To drink I had a spicy mamacita margarita (tequila, lime, agave, cucumber, and jalapeƱos) yum! My Aunt and I shared the garden enchiladas with green cilantro rice and black beans. All that I had to do was ask for the queso fresco on the side. The enchiladas were spicy and stuffed with zucchini, spinach, bell peppers, and onions. Since we shared an entree, we splurged on table side guacamole. This was the best one I've ever had! I swear she used 4 avocados, it was worth the $12. I'm so glad we shared, we still ended up with too much to eat! 
While I strongly suggest bringing in a meal and definitely a water bottle or 2, i couldn't be happier with the vegan options available at Disneyland. If we could get some vegan ice cream options it really would be the Happiest Place on Earth! Next time I'm taking Lynzie. Maybe we'll show you the veggie po' boy, gumbo in a sourdough bowl, or portobello Philly style sub!

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