Sunday, July 22, 2012

#204 Wannabe Sage Soul Bowl

Whenever I go out to eat I almost always order the same time each time I go there. The restaurant becomes the item off the menu. Sage in Echo Park has become the Soul Bowl.

I love this bowl. Every time I eat there I love it more and more. I love it so much, I decided I needed to attempt to make it. Before I tell you how I did it...I just want to say this was really good. Sean and I both loved it. . . But it was not as good as theirs. In fact eating my version, just made me want theirs more.

Ok so first I made a quick pickled cabbage. I shredded purple cabbage and shoved it into a large mason jar. I also added a few jalapeño slices on the top. The kind that are already pickled in a jar. I made the brine by boiling water, white vinegar and pickling spices. I poured the cooled brine through a sieve and into the mason jar. I stuck it into the refrigerator for a few hours. When I took it out the cabbage was a pretty purple color and had a tangy and spicy flavor from the jalapeños.

In the mean time I had I lot of work to do because there is a million components to this.

I baked a yam.

Cooked up some quinoa

I heated some black beans.

I sautéed kale in a garlic, onion, olive oil mixture.

I cooked some Gardein buffalo wings. I made these in place of the delicious macaroni and cheese ball that comes slathered with a spicy sauce.

I browned a few slices of polenta (I bought it from TJ's).

I put a little bit of everything in the bowls. I smeared a little bit of Follow Your Heart horseradish sauce on the polenta- just like they do at Sage. This was so tasty. Sage came up with the perfect flavors and textures for this amazing bowl.

If you haven't been to Sage before, you seriously need to go.

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