Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#192 Butterfinger Ice Cream

Sometimes my mom teases me and calls me a genius. Yesterday, I actually felt like one. I'm sure I'm not the first person to have done this, but I did come up with this on my own.

So here's my genius idea:
I took out a pint of soy vanilla ice cream and set it on the counter to harden a little.

I crushed a Chick-O-Stick.

I melted down some TJ's dark
chocolate chips.

I coated the Chick-O-Stick pieces in the chocolate.

I put the chocolate covered pieces in the freezer to harden again.

I scooped out some of the ice cream and put it in a bowl.

I sprinkled some of the candy prices on top, then put more ice cream on top. I continued to layer until all the candy was used up.

I smushed and stirred it all together until it was nicely mixed.

I transferred the ice cream back into its original container and returned it to the freezer and counted down the moments til dessert!

This was amazing!!! It's my new favorite dessert :)

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