Monday, July 9, 2012

#191 Spicy Pozole

I have made this before but this was the best batch!!! I used my freezer stock and chiles de arbol from the garden. For me, this soup is all about the toppings, the kids call it salad soup. By the time I'm done garnishing it, there are equal amounts raw to cooked ingredients. Cabbage, radishes, sweet onion, cilantro, avocado, and a lime to squeeze on top! I strongly believe that all of these components are necessary but I suppose you could choose just one color of cabbage. I can't pick between the two. For dessert I had another favorite...Organic Rainer Cherries!! Last year, cherries were on the dirty dozen list, which means they were one of the top 12 most pesticide ridden produce items that you should splurge for organic on. When they were off the list, I rejoiced! Unfortunately every conventional cherry I've had lately just didn't stand up to the organic ones in flavor or in size. Luckily the organic ones were only a dollar more per pound at Von's. Yay!!! Here's a link to this year's dirty dozen list....

And on a happier note, here's a link to the Clean 15 list. These are the items with the lowest traces of pesticide residue.

As far as my soup goes, the cilantro, radishes, fire roasted tomatoes and beans are organic. The chiles are pesticide free, my garden isn't certified ;)

Wow! I went off on a tangent huh? Hope somebody finds it useful!

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