Saturday, July 28, 2012

#210 Handmade Taquitos

This dinner was all Sean! I just took pictures and sampled everything as he was working. Sean said the most important thing to do is microwave the tortillas in a damp towel for 20-30 seconds. This softens the tortillas and makes them easy to roll. If you skip this step, your tortillas can rip when you roll them. 

We made...ah hemmm... Sean made 3 different kinds of taquitos: Potato, soyrizo, and garden. Use the pictures below as a guide for how much filling to put in each tortillas. Roll them tight and then stick a toothpick through to keep them together. 

We fried them in canola oil, turning them once half way through. 

We ate these with spanish rices, beans, fresh pico de galllo,  and guacamole.

Yumm! Thanks Sean!


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