Thursday, February 23, 2012

#54 BLT Sandwich with Kale Chips

Wednesday's BLT
This is a true story:
So yesterday I was going to make stuffed pasta shells for dinner...but Sean had a late lunch so I made myself a BLT using *Tofurky Tempeh Smoky Maple Bacon. It was my first time having this bacon. OMG. Yummm! I loved it. As I was eating this yesterday, I honestly thought to myself, "This is so good. Why don't I eat this everyday?" That's the moment I fell just a little bit in love with this sandwich.

I had no idea that I actually would- eat it everyday. But today, the same thing happened. I was going to make those stuffed shells but Sean had a late lunch. When he told me he wouldn't be hungry for a big dinner, I was actually kind of excited. I mean this is the beginning of a new love, so of course I couldn't wait to reunite with my beloved sandwich. I wanted that sandwich- but knew I had to treat it right if was going to be just as good the second time around. So I went to the store and bought an avocado, some kale chips and a beer. I recreated it. Only this time it was better!

I don't want to ruin a good thing. Tomorrow I will not have a BLT. . . or will I?
Today's BLT

*If you are curious about tempeh, this is a good introduction to it.

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