Monday, February 13, 2012

#44 Chili Dogs

The main ingredients
My simple dog
Sean's fancy dog
This is the perfect lunch for a cold, cloudy day! I used Field Roast Frankfurters, Hormel Vegetarian Chili, Daiya Cheddar and a bunch of veggies from our fridge and garden.

I think I love these frankfurters for all the wrong reasons. I love that they are strung together, wrapped in a casing. It makes me think of Lady and the Tramp. The hot dogs themselves are a bit too salty for my liking. The saltiness of the dogs and the saltiness of the chili were a little overwhelming. In the future, I won't use these for chili dogs. They do have a great flavor but I think they'd pair better in another dish.

Sean smeared his bun with vegenaise and mustard then topped his with a tiny bit of chili and piled on onions, avocado, two kinds of chili peppers, sour cream and paprika. His definitely looks prettier than mine with all those toppings but I like mine plain :)

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