Friday, February 17, 2012

#48 Mad Cowboy

First of all, I'm having camera issues. So I know this picture isn't great. My camera went missing after the Halloween party I had I my house :( I kept thinking it would show up and it still hasn't. Anyways...on to the food!

This is my version of a Mad Cowboy from The Native Foods Cookbook. I love loaded baked potatoes and this is so packed full of deliciousness that it is filling enough to be a complete meal. Woo!
Yep! That's Some Black Creek Dressing on top! Ohhh yeah!!!

This is a big baked potato with a little Earth Balance mashed into it. On top I lay down some steamed rainbow chard. I top the chard with Trader Joe's Chicken-less strips that I have sauteed and mixed with some BBQ sauce. I pour some corn on top of that and top it all off with some ranch dressing!

Like I said this picture is terrible. It looks so corny (meaning lots of corn). When I make this again, I'll take another picture and replace it. 

What I really like about this recipe is that it's open to interpretation. I know when Michelle makes this it looks completely different. If you're new to chard, this is a good recipe to try! Something amazing happens when you eat chard on a potato :)

This is one definitely worth trying!

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