Saturday, February 18, 2012

#49 Who needs real food when you can have lots of snacks?!

I'll say it again: Who needs real food when you can have lots of snacks? Today is Michelle's and our friend Nicole's birthday party. These are the snacks I made: roasted fingerling potatoes, chili cheese dip (vegetarian chili with vegan cream cheese) and raspberry brownies!

I got to watch Michelle hack open a young coconut. It was pretty amazing! She does it with one hand behind her back- yes, she's that awesome. Any way she hacked open a coconut, poured out the water, spooned out the flesh, and threw it all into the vitamix with some cut fresh pineapple. We put it in fun glasses with mango rum. Coconut water and rum is our signature drink. And by "our" I'm referring to Michelle, myself and our dear friend Sara. The three of us invented it... so we naturally coined it as the "3 Bitches."


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