Saturday, January 7, 2012

#7 Soul Bowl

See?  A different bowl!
If you've ever eaten at my house, chances are you've had this before.  It's one of my favorite quick fix comfort foods.  The cornbread recipe came from The Spot's cookbook, Recipes from the Heart by Tonya Beaudet.  If you're ever in Hermosa Beach, you must eat at this vegetarian restaurant (pickup a copy of their cookbook while you're at it!).  I make the gluten free version and it's so moist and cake-y nobody can even tell.  I love baking it in my cast iron skillet.  It adds extra iron to our diet, produces a gorgeous brown crust, and makes me feel all old fashioned and country.  Add some kidney beans, steamed greens (usually just red or rainbow chard but tonight we also had spinach and collards) and a drizzle of that Native Food's ranch we keep talking about.  I added more ranch after I took the picture...shhhh.  I promise the next meal I post will be on a plate.  Ryan was kind enough to point out that all of my meals so far have been in the same white bowl.  I forced myself to change it up tonight.  Hey, I'm just trying to make it easy for Spaceboy to figure things out ;)


  1. This is one of my favorites!! I still remember the first time I ate it- so it definitely left an impression! This is also the recipe that introduced me to chard! So if you're hesistant to eat your greens, this is a great dish to try!!!!

  2. I love that I was your first chard!!! Was the night we all hung out while the boys were in Vegas for Ben's bachelor party the first time you ate this? I got a lot of you with this bowl that night.