Friday, January 20, 2012

#20 Pasta Genovese with Green Beans and Potatoes

This is a recipe from the Linda McCartney On Tour cookbook. Linda has always been one of my heroes! I bought this book many years ago and continue to use it. It's out of print now but you can still buy used copies.

Pasta+Pesto+Potatoes+Green Beans = My favorite dish from the cook book.

I buy the bag of mixed baby potatoes and fresh green beans from Trader Joes. You absolutely have to use fresh green beans-not frozen. Part of what makes this dish so good is the little crunch you get from the steamed green beans. I like using the bag with the red and purple potatoes for some extra color. The recipe says to boil the potatoes until they are “soft but tender.” I did that this time (I think it’s hard to get them to a good consistency without stabbing them a million times to check), but most of the time I just fry them in a little olive oil so they keep their shape and don’t fall apart.

I love those purple potatoes!

This wasn’t one of cookbook's vegan recipes because traditional pesto has parmesan cheese. Instead, I used the leftover pumpkin seed pesto I mentioned on the 8th. Sean modified it by adding a little vegan sour cream to it. This made it creamy and extra delicious! We topped it with a little estra basil and pumpkin seeds.

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