Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#24 Scallops and Veggies Over Brown Rice

This is a frozen meal delight!

Let's start with the vegan breaded scallop. It's by Sophies Kitchen. Sophie's Kitchen makes vegan seafood! This is the first time I've had their breaded scallops. It was good! The consistency of their products trips me out just a little bit... it's chewy- kinda like how I remember shrimp being (I haven't eaten seafood in probably 16 years though- so don't take my word for it) because it's made with konjac/elephant yam root. It's definitely worth trying. I can totally get behind Sophie's Kitchen seafood. They are an environmentally conscious company which is totally rad. In fact, 5% of their net profit goes toward ocean preservation. You can pick up some of their products at Whole Foods in the freezer section. If you're feeling like trying something new you should pick up a package. Sean sauteed the scallops in a little sunflower oil, browning each side.

I cooked up the Asian Vegetable with Beijing Soy Sauce package from Trader Joe's frozen section along with some extra fresh broccoli. Sean beautifully drizzled the Beijing sauce on the top. I recommend doing this instead of cooking it with the veggies. The sauce is strong and can slightly overpower the veggies.

All this was piled on top of some brown rice. This really was tasty and easy to make!

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