Thursday, January 5, 2012

#5 Cauliflower Pesto Soup

Post blending
Another favorite from Appetite for Reduction!  This soup is crazy simple, fast, and yummy.  The first time I made this soup, I used my Vitamix to blend it all up.  It was delicious, but felt a little like a sauce.  Tonight I used my new cordless immersion blender (as recommended by Isa).  Same yummy flavor, amazing new texture!  It has the mouth feel of a potato leek soup and is now visually more appealing.  Not having to clean my blender is a huge bonus!  We also had a green salad with the Black Creek Ranch dressing from the Native Foods Cookbook.  This is my (and Lynzie's) go to ranch recipe.  Fast and easy, it tastes just like the dairy version.  Everybody cleaned their bowls.  Yay!


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