Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#109 Beer Battered Tempeh Fish & Chips

Now I kinda want to dip everything in this batter and fry it. My house is going to be like the county fair! hahahaha!!!!

I love recipes that are easy to make. This was one of those recipes! I got this from one of my newer cookbooks, Spork-Fed. I have to say I really loved these "fish" sticks! It was fun cooking with beer- I've never done it before. I used a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The batter had a subtle kick because of the cayenne pepper. I was also happy to see that the recipe said to steam the tempeh before anything else. I think it's a necessary step that some cookbooks omit. It really gets rid of any bitterness and makes it delish. These were really filling. I could only eat 2. Sean said the tempeh was a little on the bland side. But when you dip it in the tartar sauce it really doesn't matter. Next time, I'll let them marinate a little longer before I dip them in the batter. Yumm! 

The cookbook also had a great looking recipe for tartar sauce. But I like to make my own. I like it heavy on the pickles with a little dill :)

I served these with some chips (aka steak fries from the frozen section) and malt vinegar.

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