Monday, April 23, 2012

#114 Western Bacon Burger and Fries

I think this would be great with avocado, forget the cheese!
Tonight, Max wanted burgers.  He loves onion rings so I decided to make BBQ western bacon burgers like at Carl's Jr.  I ate waaay too many of these burgers when I was pregnant with Max.  yuck.  I didn't have BBQ sauce (which I was sure I did) and was not going back to the store.  So, I made a quick one and it was surprisingly good!  I mixed ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, dried onion flakes, and liquid smoke.  Radness!  I spread that on both sides of the bun, sprinkled on some fake bacon bits, added a couple of onion rings and a Gardein burger.  I wish I had some sort of cheese product to put on also but I didn't want tofutti slices or daiya which are the 2 options at Ralphs.  I bought yummy pickles instead!  Max cleaned his plate and had seconds.  Mia ate a whole burger and all of her fries!  That is a rarity for her so it must have been good!  Super fast and easy.

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