Saturday, April 28, 2012

#119 Sushi and Tempura

Most of this meal comes from Chloe Coscarelli's cookbook, Chloe's Kitchen. Sean and I used her recipe for the Avocado-Shiitake Sushi and the Vegetable Tempura. 

I wanted to buy pre-made sushi rice. However, Whole Foods was out of stock!!! I was nervous about making my own sushi rice because I've heard it's really difficult and that sushi chefs can spend years learning how to perfect the sushi rice. I bought sushi rice and decided to give it a go. I followed Chef Chloe's directions for the sushi rice and it turned out perfect!! Yay!!!

Sean rolled all the sushi with a sushi mat. He's so good at it!! He also made a fresh veggie roll with carrot, cucumber and avocado. 

While Sean was assembling and rolling the sushi, I was dipping broccoli, yam, green bean and mushroom into the tempura batter and frying them. MMMM!!! I loved the broccoli tempura! I served this with a little soy sauce and a volcano sauce (vegenaise, sriracha and sesame oil).

This meal wouldn't have been possible without a little team work! Thanks Sean!!!!

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