Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#179 Chef Salad

I veganized a chef salad! Wooo! I replaced the classic chef salad ingredients with delicious vegan options. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm!

I started with a bed of green leaf lettuce. I added some sprouts because they are delicious and also because I needed to use them up. I put the traditional cucumber, tomato and avocado. I replaced the traditional turkey with some beans. I replaced the bacon with tempeh bacon (Tofurkey of course!). Instead of cheese I put shredded carrot. I know shredded carrot and cheese aren't similar in flavor...but they are similar in color so I went with it! Finally instead of egg, I pan seared a thin slice of tofu. I sprinkled some black salt (thanks, michelle! I finally used it! Now I'll return it!) on the tofu. Woah. That salt straight up smells like an egg. The smell was strong strong, I worried the flavor would be really strong. I put a very small amount on each piece of tofu. So the sulfur flavor was mild. Phew!

This was so yummy! I love these summertime salads!!

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