Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#165 Brussels Sprout-Potato Hash

Are you sick of seeing this yet? It's obviously delicious and Lynz and I just can't get enough! I made the Easy Breezy Cheezy sauce from AFR. I'm trying to lose some Lbs and although I adore the Mac and Cheese sauce, I know it's not low cal. I was not expecting to like the low-cal version very much. It was actually really good! I also followed the book's recipe for grilled portobellos. I made them on my indoor, cast-iron griddle. The kids really liked this meal, and Max DOES NOT like mushrooms. Mia asked if she could have it for breakfast. HA!! That's a winner, good thing I doubled it ;) thank you Lynz, for literally shoving this recipe down my throat. I can't believe I've had this book for nearly 2 years and haven't made this yet!
Extreme close up
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