Thursday, March 22, 2012

#82 Sanctuary Chef Salad

Salad pre-dressing!
I love this salad!!! This recipe came from Appetite for Reduction. I'm going to say it again...I love this salad!!! It has so many delicious ingredients. This salad has so many components that I recommend making some of them the day before- like the baked breaded cauliflower and baked tofu. My favorite part of this salad is the eggplant bacon (you can see it in the middle). It's so easy to make and is so tasty. The salty, smoky taste of the eggplant tastes so good with the dressing. The cookbook has a wonderful looking recipe for a tofu based ranch dressing. I have to admit that I've never made it though. I love my black creek ranch so much that I haven't tried it yet. But I will! I promise! The only thing I added to the salad is some cubed avocado. I love me some avocado!!! This salad is really filling. For whatever reason Sean and I both hadn't eaten much during the day. When I told Sean I was making a salad for dinner he wasn't thrilled. But I assured him that this would be satisfying. . . and . . . It was! No complaints!!

I don't usually make dessert unless there is a special occasion, but I had a berries in the fridge I wanted to use. I bought a pint of Double Rainbow Vanilla Bean Soy Cream. I sprinkled it with sliced fresh fruit. Sean grated a little semi-sweet chocolate on top and garnished it with a sprig of mint. It was sooooo good! I think I want to eat some everyday ;)
These berries were so sweet!

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