Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#67 M Chopped Salad

This is my absolute, favorite salad. Ever. The M Chopped Salad from M cafe. I love bringing this to weddings. People get jealous while they eat their dried out banquet chicken. Blech!

Copy catting this salad is a labor of love. Totally worth it though. M cafe charges $11.95 for it. I can easily make 3 for that price!

From their website:
hearts of romaine & mixed greens, avocado, cucumber, chickpeas, herb-baked tofu, scallions, umeboshi pickled radishes, carrots, beets, tamari-roasted almonds, crumbled tempeh“bacon” & tofu-peppercorn ranch dressing

I use vive le vegan's lemon herb tofu but sub extra veggie broth for the lemon juice. The ume pickled radish is from the kind diet. I use the trader joe's steamed beets and tamari roasted almonds. The tempeh bacon recipe is from vegan brunch. And again we gave the super star native foods black creek ranch dressing.

This is a jaw dropping, Oooh and Aaaahs type salad. I love it!!!

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