Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#74 Tempeh Picatta

Tempeh picatta with garlic kale
 After looking through Michelle's copy of Chloe's Kitchen and becoming obesessed with this recipe, I bought it yesterday. This was realy easy to make and was quite tasty. I'm a sucker for picatta sauce. I think my onion was too big because the sauce was a little heacy on the onions. Next time I'm going to use less or a smaller onion. I loved the fresh parsley and lemony flavor. I am currently in love with tempeh, so this was a perfect dinner for me. Note to self: Next time, be sure to brown the tempeh a bit more! When I looked at the picture in the book, Chloe's was much darker than mine.

I suateed garlic in olive oil until it was slightly brown then tossed in a bunch of kale, mixing in the garlic and olive oil. I put a lid on it and turned off the heat. Before serving, I drizzled a little basalmic vinegar on top.
These two were very yummy together. There wasn't even any leftovers. Yummm!!!

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