Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#87 Loaded Baked Potatoes

There's a potato under there, I promise!

My family loves baked potato night!  Sometimes I'll cook the potatoes in the crockpot but if I have time, I prefer to bake them.  I coat them in a little olive oil and salt, they puff up a bit and the skin gets crunchy and yummy.  As for toppings, I make the cheese sauce from our favorite Mac and Cheese recipe (doubled of course), peel and steam the stalks of broccoli I have leftover from earlier in the week, and mix them together.  This reminds me of the frozen broccoli & cheese sauce from Green Giant only much better.  I adore broccoli stalk.  It is so sweet and tender.  I used to give the kids the florets and save the stalk for myself, then one day they tasted some of mine and now I have to share!  It is also a great addition to your green juices, if you are in to that sort of thing.  Back to the potatoes....I heat up a can of chili, top that with more of the cheese sauce and some of the sour cream from Vegan Junk Food.  A sprinkle of pepper and some Bac'n Bits and it's time to dig in!  Max ended up eating 2 huge potatoes and Mia had 1.  I'm going to have to start baking more if I want leftovers for lunch.

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