Friday, May 25, 2012

#146 Brussels Sprout & Potato Hash W/ Portabella Mushroom & Cheese Sauce


This recipe came from Appetite For Reduction. It's probably my favorite cookbook. I love brussels sprout and potatoes, so I can't believe this was the first time I tried making this. The hash was easy to cook, just a little time consuming (not the prep just the cook time). It was worth the wait though! I took Isa's advice and also baked a portabella mushroom to lay on top. I made the the cheese sauce using the Veg News Best Ever Mac & Cheese recipe found here. Since I was already making the sauce for this meal, I made enough sauce for Mac & Cheese too. So while everything was cooking, I was also cooking pasta. Before serving dinner, I mixed the cooked pasta with the cheese sauce and left it in the fridge for Sean to bake for lunch the next day! Perfect! Making 2 meals done at once made me feel kind of awesome.

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