Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#129 Chorizo Potato Tacos

This was what I ate on Cinco De Mayo. I made chorizo sausage from Vive Vegan. I diced and sautéed them and added some roasted potatoes and dry fried (a technique I love from Appetite for Reduction) tofu. Mia wanted taco bell tacos so I used boxed shells. I actually really like those shells but you must heat them in the oven first or they're awful. The only lettuce I had was salad mix so I went with it. Not what springs to mind when you think "taco lettuce" but it worked. I also included avocado and some cholula. They were tasty but I missed the moisture from Soyrizo. I think vive's chorizo would be better in a different dish. Oooh, in paella! Look for that post soon ;)

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