Sunday, September 30, 2012

#274 Sauteed Kasha and Mushrooms with Dill

Another dinner from Appetite for Reduction!!!

Let me start off by saying...Wait for Winter Weather to make this dish!! This was a yummy, earthy dinner. This was my first and second time making kasha. The first batch I made cooked WAY faster than I was anticipating and I ruined it. oops! It's ok though. I used a smaller sauce pan the 2nd time and I cooked it to perfection. Yay! The kasha was stirred into the mushroom and onion mixture. Near the end of the cooking time, you add the absolutely necessary dill. Michelle isn't crazy about dill but I told her if she makes it-- to not reduce the amount of dill. The dill adds a much needed brightness and fresh flavor to the kasha. 

I served this with baked tempeh and steamed kale. I drizzled a little of the tempeh marinade on the kale when I served it. This was a great dinner. It just felt too hearty for a such a hot day. 

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