Thursday, January 31, 2013

Deviled (not) egg salad sandwiches

So besides BBQ, the food item Ryan misses most is deviled eggs. When I saw this recipe in my newest edition, I knew it was the first thing I wanted to make. Technically it was the 2nd though because I made the green monster bread first (see previous post) I made the garbanzo and tofu versions, they were both amazing. I think from now on I'll make a batch of each and mix them together. I really mashed up the garbanzos and the texture was reminiscent of egg yolk. The tofu version is more like the egg white so I figure if I mix them together it'll be perfect. You all know how I love doubling a recipe! The crunch from the optional pretzels was great and the fresh, baked from scratch bread was incredible. Everybody loved this (well, Max tolerated it). I served the sandwiches with Lotsa veggie lentil soup from appetite from reduction. This was the healthiest, veggie filled soup and sandwich meal I've ever had! Mia and I had a sandwich for breakfast this morning. I'm still full 7 hours later and I ran 6 miles! Definitely going to make this often.

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