Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Australian Adventure

Had to hold a koala!

Sean and I headed to Australia for vacation in December. We spent about 2 weeks enjoying everything the Cairns area had to offer. Instead of staying in a hotel we rented a vacation apartment. One of the reasons for doing this was to have a kitchen for us to cook in because it isn't always easy finding vegan food. When we were in Costa Rica for our honeymoon, I lived on rice, beans and steamed veggies. It was delicious but I missed variety! ;)

Things got off to an interesting start at LAX. It was late and not all the restaurants were open. We ended up at Chili's. They had a veggie burger for vegetarians. I ordered this sandwich with lettuce tomato, avocado, pickles and some BBQ sauce. It was actually quite tasty. . . The chef didn't skimp on the avo. But maybe I was just starving. I wouldn't go seeking this out.

This is the view from our apartment balcony! We loved getting up and eating a bowl of cereal out here every morning. We made sangria a few times with some Aussie wine, lemon lime soda and fresh fruit. Mmmm!

This was a dinner I made one night. Very simple pasta with mushrooms and zucchini and a side salad.

Fry's is a brand that makes vegetarian and vegan pre-mades. In addition to these burgers we also cooked up their schnitzel, chik'n nuggets and sausages.

This is what Sean and I ate on New Year's Eve. These breakfast burritos were so yummy! We used Fry's sausage, tofu, potato, tomato, avocado and refried beans. Yummy!

Sean did some research before we left for Australia. This is one of the restaurants he knew we had to visit. It was way up in the rainforest. The tables were all out on the patio over looking a creek and beautiful trees. This restaurant was great because they had a entire vegetarian menu. This was the only vegan thing on the menu (the waitress did say other accommodations could be made if I wanted something else.). Lemme tell you this was delish! I was surprised to see a whole tofu block but Sean helped me eat my leftovers. The slaw underneath was sweet, sour, and had notes of spiciness. Yumm!

I obviously ate more than this on my trip but since I was on vacation I didn't always remember to take pictures of my food ;) it was an amazing trip!!

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