Thursday, August 16, 2012

#229 Acai Smoothie Bowl

We used to get these yummy smoothie bowls all the time from Juice It Up. You can buy the Acai packets in the frozen fruit section at Whole Foods or Sprouts. Blend it up with soymilk or apple juice, and any other frozen fruit you have on hand. Today I used a half of a banana, and some frozen mango and strawberry chunks. You want it to be thick. Sprinkle granola on top, Hemp Plus by Nature's Path is my absolute favorite. Just don't use one that has dried fruit in it because it gets really cold and hard from the smoothie. You don't want to break a tooth! Slice a banana on top and drizzle with some agave nectar (juice it up uses honey, another plus to making it at home). Such a great breakfast on a hot summer morning!

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