Thursday, August 9, 2012

#222 Garden Rancheros

I threw this together for breakfast today. It was so delicious and satisfying! My neighbor had made some crazy spicy salsa using only items from our garden, (tomatoes, red onion, green onions, chilies, and cucumber). I blended it up a little just to smooth it out a bit. I mixed that into some fresh tomato sauce that another neighbor made from our garden's tomatoes. Perfect Ranchero sauce! I made the tofu scramble from vegan brunch and went with the carrot and spinach (baby kale and chard too) variations. I poured the sauce into the scramble and let it simmer. Meanwhile, I heated up a couple of corn tortillas, spread on some refried beans (rosarita makes a vegetarian one), and sprinkled on some cheddar daiya. I topped it with the tofu scramble and sliced avocado. It came together pretty quickly and I was full for 7 hours! Excited for the leftovers :)

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